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May I use the Rest room, please?

toilet-1033443_1280“The School” was a very reputed school in the city. The school had a good number of students studying there. It gave equal importance to academics and sports. The school management updated its rules and regulations regularly for the welfare of students. They found that a few students of the school used the restrooms frequently. Due to this reason, the classes were disturbed. Soon, a circular was sent by the school that no student was allowed to use the restroom during the class period unless it was absolutely necessary. The circular was read out in every class and the rule was strictly followed, even though winter had started and the climate was cold.

Riya was a 9-year-old girl. She loved dancing and reading. She was a shy and reserved person. She needed the Motivation to try new things. She wanted to go the restroom, that day. She used it in her short break. She had the urge to use it again. She adjusted for one class. She couldn’t adjust more. She went to the teacher, Vidya, for permission. Riya asked hesitantly,

” Ma’am, May I use the restroom please?”

“Wait for another 20 minutes, the class would be over, then you can go on the break”, the teacher replied.

She looked at the teacher with pleading eyes. The teacher was busy with the lesson and didn’t look at her.

She sat in her seat and she couldn’t last for more 5 minutes and her bladder burst. She had wet her dress in the classroom. Riya was numb with shock. She couldn’t understand how to hide it. The boys behind her bench saw it and started laughing. Soon, Sheetal, the chatterbox of the class, shouted to the teacher, “Mam, Riya did it in the class”.  The teacher kept quiet for a moment and summoned a woman helper in the school to clean it. She permitted Riya to go to the restroom. Riya’s dress was wet, here and there. Riya felt that she would feel better had the earth swallowed her.  She went to the restroom and came back. The helper met her in the corridor and scolded her, “You are 9 years old? Can’t you hold it for some more time?” she entered the class hesitantly. Many of the students were giggling and a few of them gave her sympathetic looks. Both killed Riya from inside. She went and sat in her class. The teacher hushed the class. Riya controlled her tears. She was not ready for another burst. She hoped, she could control her tears.

The teacher asked, “Riya, would you like to sit somewhere till your dress dries up? She nodded silently, her head hung in shame. She couldn’t forgive herself for her own mistake. The class was over and then she followed her teacher to the staff room.

Thank God, the staff room was empty and Riya sat in the corner. Vidya thought for few seconds. She started speaking with a composed voice,” Riya, I am really sorry for not understanding your urgent need to use the restroom.Whatever has happened, has happened. You are not responsible for this. Not everyone can hold their bladder, all the times. There is nothing delicate about you in this. Do you think it is difficult for me to guess what you are feeling right now? No dear, I have gone through the same thing in my 6th standard. It is my mistake that after going through a similar situation, I couldn’t guess your urgent need”. Riya stared at her teacher in silence.

The teacher continued, “Don’t think I am telling this to make you feel better. The truth is I faced the same situation. I didn’t inform my parents.My teacher asked me to go home and I lied at home that I was sick so the teachers sent me home. Yes, I was ridiculed for many days. I was called the “susu girl”. It hurt badly. I had learned to accept the names for no mistake of mine. I did that because I didn’t know how to handle this. Riya, you have the choice to go home now. I don’t want you to use the option. I don’t want you to feel inferior or bad for no mistake of yours. Be brave my dear. You need to face many things in life. Accept the fact. Stop sympathizing with yourself. It will not help you. My Riya is a brave girl. I want you to go to your class after your dress dries up. I want you to keep your head straight and walk in. Many people don’t dare to speak about a person who has high regard for themselves.

Riya started weeping, “How will I face others, mam?” Vidya smiled, “what is there to face others? You did nothing wrong. Just go to the class. Smile confidently. Nobody will enquire you. If they did, say yes I couldn’t hold. If people speak at your back, Don’t care. Remember, people who speak at your back, don’t really care about you or your reasons. The people who care about you, enquire and they are with you.

Every day is a new day, with new experiences. Every day you are born new. So, learn and embrace all your experiences. If you don’t react, then everyone forgets these things in a short time.

Once her dress was dry, Riya left for her class. She was hesitant initially but went ahead with her brave decision. Vidya knew Riya would take her time, but she would come out of this sooner. It took years for Vidya to come to terms with what happened in her life. She would have to see that Riya will not take a long time.

P.s. This is a true story. I would like to thank the numerous teachers like Vidya, who take care of kid’s emotions and become their pillars of strength. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers who taught me many things about life. We have many people who shower their love on us, like our parents, siblings as we are integrated into their lives by fate. Teachers are the people who are in our lives for the profession they chose. Respect teachers and seek their blessings.

Dad, play with me!


Connected Technology Childhood Kids Playing Playing

Anu looked at her mother with a dull face; “Mom, I am feeling bored”. Nisha felt helpless. She, Rahul, their daughter Anu, aged 9-years, and Arjun, their son aged 7-years were all traveling from Hyderabad to New Delhi, in a day train, to attend her cousin’s marriage. The parents were busy professionals. Rahul had booked in AC 3 tier so that the kids can enjoy a comfortable journey. They had a 24-hour journey ahead of them and an hour had passed. The children were playing with their gadgets. The kids got bored and their parents could sense it. Rahul tried telling them a story, but they soon became restless.

A young guy in his mid-20s and an elderly uncle in his early 60s had occupied the remaining berths in their bay. A soon as the train started, the Guy had occupied his upper berth with his iPod. Rahul was about to open a new game on his laptop. The elderly uncle called Arjun,” Hi! Hero, what’s your name?” Arjun introduced himself.

“Shall we play a game?” questioned the uncle. Arjun asked.” what can we play here?”. “Many “smiled the uncle. “Let’s start with the color game. The game is, I will tell you one color and you have to show me two objects you can find around you with the same color. Suppose I say black, then you need to show me two objects with black color in this train”.

Arjun and Anu were so much excited. The game began. It was easy in the beginning. The rules were; they cannot repeat the objects. They had to remember the objects pointed to them by others. They had to observe every nook and corner of the place to find two objects. After a few rounds of playing the game, it became difficult for them. The children took much time to observe, but still progressed happily. As the going got tough, the guy who was sitting in the upper berth of the train watching them, helped Arjun and Anu with the clues. Arjun requested,” Can I take help? “And the uncle said “yes”. The guy was helping them as much as possible and it was fun.

The parents were just observing happily as the elderly uncle has used the game to save them from the stress of putting the children to sleep. Nisha wondered at the simplicity of the game. Children had to observe everything around them. They had to remember the things which were pointed by others. This activity increases their memory power and keeps them engaged for hours without any gadgets. By the time they have covered all the small and big objects in the Bay, it was lunch time.

Once the lunch was over, the children didn’t want to sleep, as they were excited about the journey. They requested the uncle for some new game. Rahul told the kids, “Don’t bother uncle. I will play some movie on the laptop and you can watch”. They agreed half-heartedly.

Uncle interfered and said, “Sorry for the interruption, but Arjun shall we create a movie script with a new game”. Anu was a movie freak and she was exhilarated, “what is the game, uncle?” She queried. He said, “We will create a story”. Arjun replied,” I can tell a story”. Uncle corrected him,” we all will create one. That is, each one of us will tell a line. The first one starts a line and others should continue the story by adding a line. The sentences should blend, like a movie story”. He requested Rahul and Nisha to join. The young guy also joined them. They all had to get their creative juices flowing, blending together with others, so that the crux of the story remained the same. After few hours of contributing their story lines respectively, they were ready for a fantastic story with a stunning climax.

Rahul was impressed with the game. Hope his colleagues understood this. All his team members had great creative abilities, still, they all had to match up to deliver a fine product. The team spirit is not showing each individuals’ excellence, but to work in harmony with others. This game practiced kids for that team spirit, from an early age and he loved it. They all had fun and excitement. The time had flown before they knew.

The children were sleepy after a fun long day. Nisha told them to have their dinner and go back to sleep. Rahul probed the uncle with the questions in his mind, “How come, sir, you could know such awesome games? Who are you?” The uncle answers;” my name is Rajendran and I am just a father like you. I am blessed with 3 kids. I am a marketing manager in a logistics company”.

Rahul spoke to him about the problem which had been bordering him. “Even though I buy many books for my kids, they don’t read often. I tell them stories they listen, but they don’t read. I am an avid reader still, it doesn’t make any difference to them, and they are stuck to their gadgets”. Rajendran smiled, “When my children were young, there were not many gadgets. I was busy earning and giving them a comfortable life that I didn’t have time to spend with them. When they were very young, they always requested me to play with them. I used to play when I had time, which was very rare. We used to play board games like snake and ladders, Ludo and outdoor games like cricket. My son learned mental additions with snake and ladders. Each game helps kids learn many things. I thought they have company and will play with each other. I didn’t understand that they need me to play with them, so they can learn the many nuances of each game. As they grew up, they didn’t ask me to play with them and I was busy with my life. They all lead a successful life now. They work hard so that I and my wife can live a comfortable life. What we wish is, they spend some time with us. I can’t request them, as I know they are busy. The lesson I have learned is to listen to your kid’s needs. The outspoken words, the unspoken state of mind like their fears, insecurities, and all their other feelings. If they ask for our help for simple things, it means they desire to have our company. Whenever you have time, play with your kids. There are many traditional games in each and every culture. We used to play them in our childhood. So, instead of telling our kids to stop using gadgets, let us play those games with them or any other creative game which we can create on the spot. They will forget their boring gadgets soon. The best gift we can give our kids is wonderful childhood memories. They will reach their teenage soon. After they reach an age, they will not ask us to play with them. We need to utilize this golden time. Don’t tell them to stop using mobiles and tablets. Just give them enough alternatives, so they use it as a last choice. Limit their timings, don’t ban them completely. There is no perfect playbook for parenting, each family creates its own. So make yours and have fun.”

Rahul thanked him profoundly. He had a lot to think and plan. He will not waste the little time he had with his kids.

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A Guest Post


Sometimes we need to see ourselves from an outsiders Point of view. This helps us understand ourselves better. Sometimes it is necessary that we detach ourselves from our own self. What we think and feel about ourselves may seem a different perspective.

One of my friend,Mom blogger, Mrs.Vasantha Vivek, sent me few questions to answer to feature in her blog for a “Guest Post”  I just answered the questions directly from my heart and didn’t read it again. I wanted to give a first hand experience about myself.

Yes, the Guest Post has been Published and the link is here, .

What made me wonder is , My thought process has changed a lot. Please click it, if you would like to know me as a mom.

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Mom,I will improve



This post is also available as a short video. Please do watch and let us know your opinions.

Little Aditya, was in tears. He is an 8-year-old boy. His Mom was shouting at him, as he has not completed his math homework, even after an hour. Aditya’s parents are Ruchi, and Rishi. Both are working in MNC’s. Ruchi took a career break of 5 years, to take care of Aditya. Now, she had joined her office again from a junior level, whereas all her friends have moved to the senior level. When Rishi, entered the home, Aditya was in tears, Ruchi was shouting at him. “What is 8 * 6, Adi, come on, I taught you tables twice yesterday, still you are unable to remember. What am I supposed to do? You remember all cartoon stories, but not one simple tables”.

Aditya tried to remember a lot, he couldn’t remember anything, and he thought it may be 48, but he was scared to tell his mom, what if it is wrong, she will get upset. He thought to himself, “Mom, I will Improve”. He didn’t know how. He wanted to see his mother happy.

When, he was in the younger classes, He used to win, many prizes in different competitions. He and his mother were very happy. As he grew up, suddenly he felt he was pushed in a complex world, he couldn’t grasp many things, and his fellow students could do. He went to meet doctors and counselors, his mother thought he was sick. He was not sure whether he was sick or not. May be he has a poor memory like his mom and teachers say. He was not able to make a decision. Tonight, his father has come early from the office. He was happy. He will rescue him.

Soon as his father, freshened up, he gave a hug to Aditya. To Aadi’s relief, he said with a huge smile, “Go and play”. He was happy, but he looked at his mother with wide eyes, and said slowly,” Dad, I didn’t complete my homework!” His father, replied, “I will do it, don’t worry.” Aadi, again gave a bear hug and ran outside to play with his friends. Ruchi was upset. She retorted angrily,”Will you go and write his exams too?”

After Aditya left, Rishi, hugged Ruchi, “Why are you so tensed dear. He will pick up, don’t worry”. Ruchi was upset,” Do you think you love him more than, me, what is the point you want to prove? You never attend the Parent Teachers Meeting, I have to listen from teachers, and I need to face the other parents. You just don’t need to face anything”.

Rishi kept quiet, “Ruchi, do you think, by shouting at him, things would improve. You thought, he may have some learning disabilities, but the psychologist proved there is nothing like that. All children are not same”.Ruchi replied back, “But I am spending so much time with him. I am always teaching him, each and everything, still what do you expect me to do?”

Rishi, smiled and said,” I expect you, not to expect anything from him. Don’t expect him to learn things faster, don’t expect him to be like you.” Ruchi retorted back angrily,” I am not expecting him to get first prize in everything like me, but at least he shouldn’t be so dull. Now he is 3 rd std and he is not sure about 5*5=25, how his life will be. All his friends, will reach a good position in life, what his life will become? I am so scared. Rishi, I put in so much hard work on him, still why he is not getting marks?”

Rishi kept quiet. Ruchi, always wanted the best. She was always best in whatever she did, the fact she didn’t understand is Aadi is the best child. He is very friendly with everyone, always tries to help others.He was hoping, Ruchi will find her answer soon.

After few days,his paternal aunt, Durga Bua, came to visit them. Her son has settled in US. She occasionally visits India,to visit her relatives. After many years, she has come to visit them. Ruchi loves Durga Bua, everyone loves her for her soft words and naïve nature. She was playing with Aadi and commented to Ruchi, “Aadi is a very good boy”. For which Ruchi, replied in a dull voice.” Hmmmm”.she sensed something wrong, but didn’t ask anything.

After Aadi left, she asked, “what happened Ruchi?”. Ruchi shared her worries with her aunt. She listened everything carefully. She went to the small garden which Ruchi maintains in her balcony, and said,” I observe you have a beautiful garden. How do you maintain them? Ruchi replied happily,” I take personal care,bua”. Her aunt said, “Why is this aloe Vera plant, shorter than others, is it a new plant, or you are not watering them properly?” Ruchi whispered, “No, aunt, I have planted it a year back. I take care of them properly, few plants grow faster and few takes time”.

Then, aunt asked, “What do you do then? Do you tell the shorter plant, daily, grow up, look at the other plants, otherwise your life would be of no use or you nurture them slowly that it takes time in growing and you still love them”.

Ruchi felt something snap in her. She looked at her aunt, with tears in her eyes.

Durga Bua, said,” There are 7 types of learning skills for a child, few learn by looking, few by hearing, few by explaining, few understand things by doing activities, and few learn by practically doing the same things again and again. A mother or teacher should try to teach a child, all the 7 methods, and then understand the child’s best learning language and teach accordingly. You can’t think. Your child is dull. Each and every child is unique and special. Can’t you see Aadi is trying everything to make you happy? He loves you so much. If you nurture him now, it is good for both of you. If he accepts, he is dull and turns to be a loser, what will you do?”

Ruchi shuddered by the thought,” Understand your child and help him to understand things. I know you are very busy and Rishi doesn’t help you. Still, I am sure, once you are clear and support, Aadi, Rishi will try his level best to help you. Just try. It is always too soon to quit with your child.”

Ruchi kept quiet, deep in her thoughts. Durga bua knew, she will find a different family when she visits them again.

Note: The 7 ways of learning are:

  • There are currently seven “Learning Styles”: Visual (spatial): You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
    Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
    Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
    Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands, and sense of touch.
    Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning, and systems.
    Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
    Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.ref:
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What a woman wants

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#socialmediamarketing #freelancing

Archana, was working full time before marriage, and for a year afterwards.when she gave birth to Arjun, she decided to quit her job.

When, Arjun started going to school, the thought of joining her office again, started crossing her mind. She was not able to take a decision and after much thought, she decided to be a stay at home mom with a difference. As, she was browsing the internet, in laptop, she found an online job for marketing,a product in social media. She started finding out more information. She joined few free courses in, enriched her knowledge. She started applying for those jobs in free lancing websites. Slowly, she started getting orders. What she earned was not huge but decent enough to take care of her personal expenses and she was glad that she could spend quality time with Arjun.She was happy being a successful, freelancer and her husband, Santosh, as usual supported all her decisions.

Archana went to visit her brother, there was just 2 years difference between them. They were more friends, than siblings.She decided to visit her brother, who lived in the other part of the city. She was excited to visit her brother after a long time. Her brother Arun, her sister in law Shailja , lived with their little daughter, Amulya, in a gated community. After, Amulya came to their world, Shailja, also left her high paid MNC job. Arun was not interested, when Shailaja expressed her desire to work before their marriage. Still he didn’t object, when she got recruited in a high paid MNC job. Once, Amulya was born, he said her to quit her job. Which Shailja did obediently. Now , this June, Amulya would be joining her school, so Archana brought all gifts to her.

Amulya was excited to see her cousin. Both kids started playing. She had a long chit chat with her brother and sister in law.

After they were discussing about everything under the sun, the topic slowly came to archana online assignment.Shailja, with wide eyes was listening, to Archan’s experience. She started explaining about her job and suggested casually, if Shailja is interested, she can start joining one too. For this suggestion, her brother replied sharply. ” I don’t want to give any tension to Shailja, I earn enough, she can take rest and take care of Amulya. Don’t put unnecessary tensions in her head?”. Archana could see Shailja’s disappointment. She kept mum.

Both the ladies chitchat for a while, when Arun, left to his room.After sometime,

when Shailja left to make some snacks for Amulya and Arjun, Archana, slowly went to her brother’s room.

She spoke to him casually about few things here and there and asked him,” Is Shailja interested in working again?” . He replied casually,”I don’t think so, but she just brought the topic once to me and I asked her about Amulya and she left the topic”. Archana said then she can try online jobs like freelancing, where she can do from the comfort of her home. Arun said,”But what is the need Archana. I give her enough pocket money. She is not a person , who loves shopping. I think she saves and gives to her parents, a partial money. I really don’t ask her , what she does with that. Why she needs take a freelance job?”

Archana smiled, “Do you think women do a job only for money. Few women are happy to be a stay at home mom, few like to do work and try to balance work and home, few turn enterpreneurs to support others, few enjoy free lancing, for enjoying their creative side. You can’t restrict anyone of their personal choice and freedom , when it is in no way affecting, your family.You love your job so much, Suppose, you get 3 times a pay , to sit in home and take care of Amulya, will you do that? “Arun smiled and said, “I will feel blessed”. Archana looked sharply and said,” I know about you arun, you will be like that for 3 months, after that, you will return to your job. I am saying  that all women need appreciation, respect, and satisfaction. If Shailja, would love to do a freelance job, don’t restrict her.Also, when she gives your money to her parents, she may not be comfortable. She may like to earn and give her parents. Or she may need that sense of achievement of fulfilling a project. It could be anything. As she would be freelancing, she will have all the time in the world to take care of her family and work for her self satisfaction. Never take a sense of achievement, from anyone’s life. It is everyone’s right “.

Arun was silent and lost in his thoughts.

After, 6 months, Archana visited Arun’s home and he proudly displayed a Kindle , “see archana, my Shailja got a Kindle as Gift from as her blog was selected as the top blog”.

Archana was happy to see her brother.

Shailja had taken part time freelancing in content writing and was a successful blogger in many parenting websites.

Shailja, called Archana, ” Thank you, Archana, without you, this could have been impossible. I overheard, your conversation, with Arun, the other day. I am thankful to God that, I have a sister in law like you.”

They hugged each other in joy.

Note- I thank , from the bottom of my heart, to give an opportunity to thousands of bloggers, to express their opinion and have a sense of achievement.

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The perfect Summer vacation


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