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Happy New Year 2016 and Have a Great weekend

It is a great pleasure to welcome and meet you here. This new year we had all made many resolutions. I took a resolution too. The resolution to help and benefit people around me as much as possible. I was thinking how I can be of great help to people around me. By giving them education, wealth, happiness, giving them a lending ear or anything else. These things could be done as help but would be served temporarily but what is the permanent help we can give to people.

Remember when we were children we never used to get tired. Even when we rarely fell sick, people around us felt bad for us but we were active in our own ways. What was the secret? The answer, we just lived the life we wanted. We never felt to justify ourselves to anyone nor did we think deeply about others actions and reactions. We did what we loved. Even though we didn’t know the meaning of passion, we lived passionately. Where is that passion in our lives now? Is it sacrificed in the name of job pressure, responsibilities towards family and loved ones? How many of us can say that we live the life we dreamt of? So after so many sacrifices then why are we and the people around us not satisfied nor content? Are we missing a basic link here? I would like to introduce you to your own passion. I am not telling we are unhappy. When it drizzles and you are alone with a hot cup of coffee drooling in your past, don’t you feel you can do more with your life?

We all had many little dreams, many talents which we thought were not practical or we thought we were not skilled enough to do those things and we just left it.

Today I request all of you to find your passion, which thing, when you do, makes you feel happy, crazy, excited, wants your heart to say “yeh dil maange more” every time you do it? I am not talking about, “How are you? I am happy”. I am speaking about the excitement, that blood pump we felt in our heart, brain and face when we didn’t sleep for a whole night when our first crush said a, “hi” to us. See now you got it.

So this new year, Find your passion and think of ways to develop or do something about it. Let us remind ourselves that everyone has the same 24 hours. Like Hermione in Harry potter series, instead of pulling and pushing time, let us make more out of the same 24 hours. How to wait for the next blog! Coming soon!

Happy New Year 2016 and Have a Great weekend