This concept is very common from our ancient culture rich India. It is very important that we invest a minimum of 30 minutes, weekly or monthly, in our busy life for ourselves. A time to learn a new thing, to think and improve something in ourselves, to ponder over our behavior. In ancient India, our elders had this concept in the name of “moun vrath” – the name of the fasting style, where the person, whoever decides to do “moun vrath” will not speak to anyone for a whole day or half day. That person thinks only about God.

My mother used to follow this in her childhood. She used to tell me, for the first few hours she felt the words were trying to jump out of her throat and she was trying hard to stop it. It was difficult in the beginning and later the mind calms the words.

Nowadays opting for “moun vrath ” doesn’t mean you don’t speak with anyone but in FB, Twitter and other social media, you keep on conversing with everyone else. No, it means for once in a week at least you allot a time for yourself to ponder over the week’s happenings in your life. Think of ways to better your life in all the aspects like Health, Family, Relationships, Your passion, your new Business idea, your religious ponder, whatever but just anything which you feel is relevant and important for you. This 30 minutes a week could be a Saturday evening or a Sunday morning, whichever you are comfortable with. Tell your family and friends that it is the time you will not be disturbed. Don’t schedule any appointments. Keep your phone on silent. Don’t do any exercise or read a book. Just let your mind be calm. Spend with nature. Do things which rests your mind. Think and Think about yourself, your life. Anything which doesn’t grow, stagnates. The same is with your life and relationships. Nurture your relationships with love and care. Think of ways to improve it. As Sharukh Khan says in the Film, Chak de, one of my favorite films, these 30 minutes, nobody can take it away from you. It is yours, how you spend it and the outcome of it, depends on you.

The biggest challenge of life is doing things. Many of us Plan great things, but actually doing it is very difficult. So. You have planned to have 30 minutes for yourself, so how you go about it. First, make a mental commitment to yourself. That is very easy and easy to break so the next step, tell to people whom you love, your friends, family. Give a verbal commitment to them that you are planning to have 30 minutes of a week to yourself. The third and most important step, each one of us, have a critic in our life. A person who always analyzes us, thinks he/she is helping us, but actually gives us advice unasked and which we already know. These people are a pain in the tooth. You can’t get rid of them but need to be with them. It could be your neighbor aunt, your father’s well-wisher friend, and your mother’s very best friend, just anybody. You know who I mean. Think about such a person in your life, call them or meet them and tell them about your plan. Yes, you heard it right, tell them and give your verbal commitment. We love few people whose words doesn’t hurt us deeply but there are few people like the third category whose one smirk irritates us, so when you commit to these people , I swear you will stick to it so that you don’t get the smirk from them. After all these people have come in our lives for some help right.

I would like to discuss with you , how I go about it.In fact I used to have a small diary , where I make notes of my thoughts and over a weekend which thoughts needed to be nurtured, which one need to be cut off. Our thoughts can become our dreams or a negative thought could just rip us apart. Whatever it is kept a journal or nowadays, I am using Ever Note and excellent app which helps me in noting my thoughts and organizing it on the go.

So Friends, What are we waiting for, Just plan your time for yourself and spend with the most important person in the world-YOU and realize the importance of spending time with yourself for the chance of enjoying a better life. Please feel free to tell me about your experiences and your feelings in the comments section.