TajmahalWhen I was around 10 years old, I read an article that children memorize and learn 80% of things before 5 years of age and remaining 10% by 10 years of age. I fought with my mom that, why she didn’t teach me, Karate, chess, tennis, writing , entrepreneurship, books, countries and capitals, everything under the sun, before I was 5,  or at least by the time, I became 10 years old. I felt very bad, I was upset that  my crucial 10 years of my life was wasted and with the remaining, 10% of memory and the whole life in front of me, I can’t do anything. I was really upset, my whole life was wasted.

My mother waited till, I poured out all my grumblings, smiled and just said a sentence,” If I teach you everything, by the time, you are 10, what will you do with your life, after that?” I didn’t understand the question at that time. For me, being intelligent at 10 years was important. I didn’t understand the process of application of knowledge learned, at that age. My mother, further said, “Many successful people, were not child prodigies”.

I really didn’t understand the deeper meaning. Now I understand, each person, has unique talents, preferences and passion in life. Each person enjoys a different perspective of life.  As I grew older, I understood that I enjoyed, writing my thoughts. If my words, could help at-least one person, inspire one in the billions that was enough for me. If I would have learned so many other things, May be I would have learnt but must have understood sooner or later that was not my passion. That would not be my thing.

I am not against child prodigies or parents who teach their kids, all countries, capitals by the age of 3. I am just saying to the other parents, if you are feeling, you didn’t do anything like that for your children, just don’t feel guilty. You have given the greatest gift to your kids, to find out their passion for themselves and find their joy in life.

In My childhood, Our English teacher used to say about the WH question sisters and the H brother. The Wh sisters are Who, What, Why, Where, Which and the H brother How? Whatever we do in life, before doing it, if we could answer the sisters, then the How brother could be answered easily. For example, as many Indians, I was an Avid reader, but somehow, I never thought I would become an Author.

I used to write many short stories and poems, but didn’t share it with anyone other than my family members. One fine day I felt many words were exploding in my mind and my brain would burst if I didn’t write it. So I just sat in front of a PC and simply started writing. My first draft was 6000 words. I just showed it to near and dear, they felt it was good. I slowly drafted my draft n number of times. In the meantime, joined many authors group and within a span of 30 days, I became a published author about parenting in kindle amazon.

It was just an hour, read about short and simple parenting techniques with nearly 20000 words. Approximately 105 pages, kindle book. The journey was enlightening and rewarding, emotionally, financially and self-satisfactory. I have come a short way from there and still have a long way to go.

so, friends, I feel the age never matters, If you want to do anything new in your life, or feel something missing in your life, just answer the wh sisters and the How brother will come running , giving you an answer. Find your passion, live your life. Who knows, you may be a candle in another person’s life.

We are always old  enough to dare a dream and young enough to start  a new passion.Do you know that Shahjehan(1592-1666), the great Mughal emperor dreamt of building Tajmahal(started building in 1632-1643), when he was 40 years old and completed when he was 50 years old. If a person ,  can dream of a grandeur wonder of the world ,at his 40 Years, can’t we dream simple passions and achieve it? Think my friends.

Each one of us have a talent, which only we have. There is  one thing, which only we can give this world, no one else can do it other than us. So, friends I found mine, did you find yours ?

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