When I was young, my father used to bring some papers to home and used to check with his accounts book of his office. I know the account ledger, I have seen it but I didn’t understand the papers he was carrying. Those papers had some numbers. My father explained to me that, if in an office account, you spend cash, you debit the account (expenditure) and when you get cash (income), you credit the account. I didn’t understand one thing, there were mere papers, with numbers then why they were called vouchers, than papers and why he was very careful about them.
He explained again that, when a paper is shown in accounts, it is treated as a bill/ voucher, which is of importance. You can’t lose a voucher, it is already accounted.
I was amazed by this concept.
Now, I was just wondering if the same concept is applied to our lives, what happens ?? What happens to our dreams, when we make it accountable for someone, Yes they become real as we work for them?
Thanks friends, I got good appreciation mails for my last few posts regarding passion. So the mail was, yes, I have a found a passion, now what to do about that?
So, I would like to introduce the voucher concept. What is the difference between voucher and paper in the layman’s world, a simple accountability. So whenever we have a dream of working hard or think of achieving our dreams, what do we do? Who do we become accountable for?
For ourselves, nah?? We have already tried it hell a lot of times and didn’t achieve it right!
Now, who else, family and friends, yes, they help, but when we are out of track, they understand our problems and keep quiet, most of the times.
So, who else, can we depend on? We have a boon in our society. Man is a social animal , and still in our society, we all have someone in our lives, may be a neighborhood aunty, an office Colleague, a family friend, aunt’s uncle, brother in law’s friend, just someone, who is more interested in our life than, theirs.
These people are the perfect persons who will help you to become a voucher from a mere paper, just approach them / call them with a casual “Hi !”. They will surely ask, how is life and what are you planning, something like that.”
Here, this is the time, tell the person slowly about your passion and how you are planning to achieve in detail. If he/ she is really an, “well- wisher”, that person will say, the plans are wonderful but I doubt whether you can achieve it or not, directly/ in their mind.
Well, you can understand from their responses. Now you have become a voucher for that person. You have become accountable for that person, you have dreaded all these years.
Now, whatever your passion, become healthy, working out, start a new career, learn a new language, or just anything, start working smart towards your dream..
If you feel lazy or feel like procrastinate things, think about your “well-wisher”. Think about their secret dream to see you fail, and smile within themselves,” I know, Mr. / Ms. (your name) will fail”. Don’t give them a reason to smile. This thought process works out wonders for me .After you succeed, they will still have something to say, well, who cares once you succeed.
Also, if possible, join a group of like-minded strangers, as an accountability group. After joining, a daily writing accountability group, my writing improved a lot. Those strangers, have become my friends, as we interact with each other regularly, has also become an inspirational group for me.
A mix of people who are positive and people who are negative towards you, help you shaping you and direct you towards your goals.
So, all the best.
Hope this post helps you become a voucher.
Please comment if you find this helpful and share if you would like to help others.