In the streets of New York, there lived an old man.He used to beg in the streets, from the day, he knew. He didn’t have a family of his own. All his life he begged in the streets, lived with rags as clothes, ate the meager food , he bought from his money.A kind Landlord gave a small home to the beggar for very less rent. The house was small, with an upper deck to store things.He always lived happily and didn’t complain about his life. One day, suddenly he died while begging in streets.
The people who he knew, informed the public authorities, and they cleared his body and gave him their last respects. After that, the Landlord with a helper checked the beggar’s home , it had his scarce belongings. The Landlord and the helper, checked the upper deck and to their astonishment, they found, millions of $1 dollar notes and hundreds of $5 notes, neatly stacked in the room, in a cardboard box.

The helper was wondering, when he had a fortune, why he lived the life of a beggar. He questioned, the landlord.
The Landlord , answered him, “Even though he had a lot of money, he didn’t know what to do with it. All his life, he did something, he was comfortable with. He was comfortable, begging, and he was not sure, what to do with the money , he got from that. He didn’t have a passion to do more. He achieved his daily goal of getting some money and he was happy with it.When he got more , he saved it and again begged the next day.”
The helper asked him, ” He is better in some way isn’t it? He didn’t lay lazy the next day, and daily went to beg to earn his income, isn’t that wonderful?”
The Landlord smiled and said,” True, he was not lazy, but the money he earned without passion was of no use to him.”
The helper understood and nodded his head.
Many times, we find very intelligent, well educated and knowledgeable people in our lives, living in a routine life, happy with what they are doing. We know that, they can do much more.One of that person, was me, just an year back. I was living the life of the rich beggar. I was not sure, what to do with my knowledge. Today, I guess , may be I am using it a bit.

All of us are capable of doing a lot more, let us break, all our mental shackles. 

Let us, use all our knowledge, and education to bring a change in our lives. To bring change and development in the lives of people, around us.

Learning is a never ending process. Let us spend just 15 minutes, of our life to think and execute, what we can do more.

Yes, yes, I hear you, I am very busy. And all the other 25 reasons , running in the minds. It may not be you, but it was certainly me, just a year back. But , today, i am not busy, even after multi tasking many things, because I love what i am doing.I am enjoying every moment of it.

If we really decide,15 minutes of our lives is easily affordable to spend with ourselves, to enrich us, to enrich people around us. So, invest in yourself and reap the benefits of ultimate happiness and satisfaction in our lives. Hope to know about your thoughts in the comments section, below.