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Archana, was working full time before marriage, and for a year afterwards.when she gave birth to Arjun, she decided to quit her job.

When, Arjun started going to school, the thought of joining her office again, started crossing her mind. She was not able to take a decision and after much thought, she decided to be a stay at home mom with a difference. As, she was browsing the internet, in laptop, she found an online job for marketing,a product in social media. She started finding out more information. She joined few free courses in, enriched her knowledge. She started applying for those jobs in free lancing websites. Slowly, she started getting orders. What she earned was not huge but decent enough to take care of her personal expenses and she was glad that she could spend quality time with Arjun.She was happy being a successful, freelancer and her husband, Santosh, as usual supported all her decisions.

Archana went to visit her brother, there was just 2 years difference between them. They were more friends, than siblings.She decided to visit her brother, who lived in the other part of the city. She was excited to visit her brother after a long time. Her brother Arun, her sister in law Shailja , lived with their little daughter, Amulya, in a gated community. After, Amulya came to their world, Shailja, also left her high paid MNC job. Arun was not interested, when Shailaja expressed her desire to work before their marriage. Still he didn’t object, when she got recruited in a high paid MNC job. Once, Amulya was born, he said her to quit her job. Which Shailja did obediently. Now , this June, Amulya would be joining her school, so Archana brought all gifts to her.

Amulya was excited to see her cousin. Both kids started playing. She had a long chit chat with her brother and sister in law.

After they were discussing about everything under the sun, the topic slowly came to archana online assignment.Shailja, with wide eyes was listening, to Archan’s experience. She started explaining about her job and suggested casually, if Shailja is interested, she can start joining one too. For this suggestion, her brother replied sharply. ” I don’t want to give any tension to Shailja, I earn enough, she can take rest and take care of Amulya. Don’t put unnecessary tensions in her head?”. Archana could see Shailja’s disappointment. She kept mum.

Both the ladies chitchat for a while, when Arun, left to his room.After sometime,

when Shailja left to make some snacks for Amulya and Arjun, Archana, slowly went to her brother’s room.

She spoke to him casually about few things here and there and asked him,” Is Shailja interested in working again?” . He replied casually,”I don’t think so, but she just brought the topic once to me and I asked her about Amulya and she left the topic”. Archana said then she can try online jobs like freelancing, where she can do from the comfort of her home. Arun said,”But what is the need Archana. I give her enough pocket money. She is not a person , who loves shopping. I think she saves and gives to her parents, a partial money. I really don’t ask her , what she does with that. Why she needs take a freelance job?”

Archana smiled, “Do you think women do a job only for money. Few women are happy to be a stay at home mom, few like to do work and try to balance work and home, few turn enterpreneurs to support others, few enjoy free lancing, for enjoying their creative side. You can’t restrict anyone of their personal choice and freedom , when it is in no way affecting, your family.You love your job so much, Suppose, you get 3 times a pay , to sit in home and take care of Amulya, will you do that? “Arun smiled and said, “I will feel blessed”. Archana looked sharply and said,” I know about you arun, you will be like that for 3 months, after that, you will return to your job. I am saying  that all women need appreciation, respect, and satisfaction. If Shailja, would love to do a freelance job, don’t restrict her.Also, when she gives your money to her parents, she may not be comfortable. She may like to earn and give her parents. Or she may need that sense of achievement of fulfilling a project. It could be anything. As she would be freelancing, she will have all the time in the world to take care of her family and work for her self satisfaction. Never take a sense of achievement, from anyone’s life. It is everyone’s right “.

Arun was silent and lost in his thoughts.

After, 6 months, Archana visited Arun’s home and he proudly displayed a Kindle , “see archana, my Shailja got a Kindle as Gift from as her blog was selected as the top blog”.

Archana was happy to see her brother.

Shailja had taken part time freelancing in content writing and was a successful blogger in many parenting websites.

Shailja, called Archana, ” Thank you, Archana, without you, this could have been impossible. I overheard, your conversation, with Arun, the other day. I am thankful to God that, I have a sister in law like you.”

They hugged each other in joy.

Note- I thank , from the bottom of my heart, to give an opportunity to thousands of bloggers, to express their opinion and have a sense of achievement.

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