Hi Friends,

All your mails have been encouraging me to post more blogs. Sometimes we wonder that there are lots of supporters and friends for a person that as a stranger,our word of support may not mean anything to them. No, it is not the case.A kind  word is needed by all the hearts.Your each mail commenting or scolding or sharing your story whatever it is ,I rejoice them.

I am excited to inform you that I have been nominated for the orange flower awards conducted by Womens web , please vote for me by reading the  following instructions. Your every vote counts for me.

I am happy to inform that I, Mrs.Kavitha Sriram ( blogger of kavithasriram.wordpresscom) has been nominated for the orange flower awards for my blogs in parenting skills,new blogger, personal blogging and other categories.Few of my inspirational short stories,  has been published in various blogs including ( India’s parenting Blog).Please click the below link. Please follow the steps to cast your valuable votes and encourage me to contribute more good posts to entertain you .
1. Click this link
2. Search for Kavitha Sriram in the search icon as many bloggers are nominated.( there is no separate links)
3. Please give your email Id in the space given. This is important for voting.( your email ids is secure).
4. Click the VOTE button. There are different categories you can select each category independently and vote. Please vote for at least one category.
That’s it thanks for voting, If you could forward this to your friends, it will help me to  inspire and write more such blogs.
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Your each vote matters to me as it helps me in understanding that i have many friends who love my words. Waiting for you to complete the Tic tac toe with me.